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There is a new urgency in the air, a sense that awakening is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. It is into this space that I am introducing you to Lilith, the subject of my newest book, a children’s picture book with a message for all of us.

Media maven Sarah Gish interviewed me about this project at Saturday night’s launch party. Take a look at the video where I discuss the impetus for taking a fresh look at Lilith, the world’s original resistor, who left paradise rather than submit to the only man on earth. How’s that for persistence?! There are still signed books in stock at Body Mind & Soul!

Ready to awaken, but need some support? Our sacred traditions, sadly, have lost or discarded many of the stories of strong women who could lead us. Both my books reclaim this sacred source in different ways. Read them, yes, but also join me at an upcoming event to explore these ideas in community. Or talk to me about bringing an event to you!


On Friday, April 14 (7 p.m.), I’m hosting a gathering I’m dubbing Lyrically Lilith: An Evening of Strength Through Song & Story. Singer/Songwriter Shellee Coley will joins us, expressing this growing into our truest selves through her heart-bending music that will awaken your spirit. I will read from My Name is Lilith. This will be the ultimate girls night out. You won’t want to miss it! Email me ( for address and info!

Visit my blog, Sophia’s Whispers, to enter into a dialog on what this awakening looks like in our everyday lives.















My new children’s book on the mythical figure of Lilith will empower the little girls and boys in your life—and perhaps you too—to seek relationships that value us all.

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Illustrated by Arna Baartz

Published by The Girl God

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